Telling Stories of How Jesus Really Does Change Lives

Testimony Services

Let's tell the world what Jesus has done for us

A person came to faith in Jesus Christ. They grew in their faith, learning to surrender their life to Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit transformed them, making them more like Jesus. They now have a story that MUST be told to the broken and hurting who cross paths with them. We are determined to encourage people to think through, write, and share their testimonies with their friends and neighbors and on church websites.

There are two facets of this mission.

  1. Help believers prepare their testimony. We invite believers to ask us for help in the preparation of their testimony (story). What is their story? How can Jesus be honored by their story? What aspects of their story will be a blessing to others? How should they organize their testimony? Do they need help writing the text of their testimony? What opportunities are there for the believer to share their testimony with others? This service is offered for free for members of the Gramazin community. For those who are not members, we ask for a nominal fee of $ 100 that covers our consulting time. An additional fee of $ 50 per hour will cover the time required to write the believer's testimony on their behalf. We encourage sponsors (friends, family, churches, ministries, etc.,) to pay these fees for believers who cannot afford our testimony services.
  2. Help churches, schools, and ministries share believers' testimonies. We are eager to support a church, school, or ministry that desires to create a culture of testimony sharing within their community. Driven by our passion for testimony sharing, we will roll up our sleeves and assist the organization in the preparation of a campaign to inform and inspire believers to participate in the program. Organizations that have purchased subscriptions for our publications or who have purchased licenses for our web applications will receive a substantial discount. Contact us for a free, no obligation, discussion about how Gramazin can assist your organization.

Do you have a testimony already prepared? We invite you to contact Charles and offer to share your testimony on for our members to enjoy.

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