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Internship Opportunities

Our vision is far greater than the number of hours available in a week. This truth affords us the opportunity to employ college students who are eager to prove their professionalism and good character while gaining valuable experience. We are confident that each intern will help us make Gramazin one of the most reputable and respected Christian ministries in the land.

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What kind of interns are we looking for?

Committed believers in Jesus Christ.

Passionate about the gospel, testimony sharing, and local outreach.

Dedicated to completing tasks to the glory and honor of Jesus.

Relevant interest, skills, experience, expertise, and education.

What would interns do?

Marketing and promotion

Online research

Other projects required by Gramazin

How would I benefit from an internship?

You would be serving the advancement of the Kingdom of God and touching souls with the gospel.

You would enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you contributed to a growing movement when it began.

You would gain valuable experience beneficial to your resume.

You would gain valuable recommendation from Gramazin to future employers.

You would gain a foot in the door for full-time positions as they arise.

You would receive compensation from Gramazin and/or your school.

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