Please bring before the Lord the following requests on behalf of Gramazin:

  1. Pray that Jesus Christ will be honored and glorified by all that we do under the Gramazin umbrella. Pray that Jesus will look upon our work and say "well done!"
  2. Pray that we will be productive with the skills, gifts, talents, and resources that God has given us. Pray that we will bear fruit in the form of lives being transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  3. Pray that each man and woman on our team will fear God and humbly surrender their lives to His authority.
  4. Pray that Jesus Christ, through the Holy Spirit, will inspire us as we make plans, design solutions, and take actions.
  5. Pray that Gramazin will be completely faithful to the Word of God at all times.
  6. Pray that the Kingdom of God will grow because of Gramazin's activity.
  7. Pray that hundreds of thousands of men and women across the nation will have the courage to prepare and share their testimonies of what Jesus Christ has done for them because of Gramazin's work.
  8. Pray that churches, ministries, and schools across America will embrace the Gramazin mission and encourage the members of their community to share their testimonies publicly.
  9. Pray that churches in every region in America will publish testimonies on their websites.
  10. Pray that the Holy Spirit will inspire and orchestrate effective campaigns that introduce testimonies published on church websites to their local communities.
  11. Pray that we will be connected with Christian leaders, influencers, and pastors throughout the country who will embrace our mission and partner with us.
  12. Pray that those in despair will discover eternal hope because of the message communicated by Gramazin.
  13. Pray that lives will be changed by the Holy Spirit through our publishings, podcasts, events, broadcasts, appearances, workshops, etc.,.
  14. Pray that awareness of Gramazin and our mission will spread throughout the United States. Pray that we will gain many subscribers, followers, and advocates.
  15. Pray that Gramazin will have the funds to do what we need to do by organizations and individuals purchasing our products and services and by generous donations from supporters.
  16. Pray that the Lord will raise volunteers, interns, and voice actors/writers so we can have the human resources needed to get the job done right.
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