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Voice Acting/Writing Opportunities

We have created the fictitious seaside town of West Hunter USA. There are over 260 locations and 3,000 people in this town. We pick one character and create a 5-minute audio recording with human voices, music, and sound effects designed to bring back the experience of listening to radio shows in the 1930s. Each episode is designed to teach one lesson about local outreach ministry and evangelism. These episodes can be heard on our Gramazin Guide YouTube channel. They will soon be heard on WEZE 590 AM in Boston.

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What kind of voice actors and writers are we looking for?

Committed believers in Jesus Christ.

Passionate about the gospel, testimony sharing, and local outreach.

Dedicated to completing tasks to the glory and honor of Jesus.

Writing and/or voice acting talent.

What does a writer do for Gramazin?

Know what episodes and lessons we have already produced

Choose a new location in town not already featured

Create for us fictitious characters and a brief story with those characters in that location

Include a brief description of the location within the story

Understand Gramazin owns the copyright for anything you write for us

Submit the story to Gramazin

What does a voice actor do for Gramazin?

We submit the script of an episode to you and assign one of the characters for you to voice

Record your reading of the lines of your character with professionalism and skill

Submit the recording to Gramazin

Will I be paid?

We are currently paying $ 25 for each script and $ 20 for each recording.

We pay at the end of each month.

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