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$ 10,000 by
August 1, 2024

Our vision is big but our wallets are not. The Lord has written this vision on the hearts of believers who, like the leaders in every other ministry, will need to learn to trust Him for financial provision day-by-day. How does the Lord provide for a ministry like this? He inspires people like you to send us what He puts on your heart to send.

We would like to raise $ 10,000 by August 1, 2024. Will you help us? Would you like to help but without sending us money? Please volunteer your time for us!

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What would you spend the money on?

Legal expenses associated with incorporating as non-profit.

Expenses associated with our broadcasting on WEZE 590 AM in Boston.

Employing staff to market and promote Gramazin in various ways around the US.

Administrative and IT costs associated with managing this organization.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Gramazin Inc. is a legal non-profit in the state of Massachusetts. We have filed for 501c3 status with the IRS. We expect to receive a Letter of Determination by October of 2024. Upon receipt of that letter, all donations received by Gramazin Inc. this year will become tax deductible. However, we are legally required to inform you that right now, prior to our receipt of the letter officially granting us 501c3 status, your donation is NOT tax deductible.

Our campaign officially begins May 1, 2024. How are we doing?

Raised $2,100
Goal $10,000

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Donate by Check

Make check payable to:
Gramazin Inc.

Mail to:
PO Box 6014
Gloucester, MA 01930





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