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Volunteer Opportunities

Our vision is far greater than the number of hours available in a week. However, we are confident the Holy Spirit is going to raise up dozens of believers across America to join us. We are confident that each volunteer will help us make Gramazin one of the most reputable and respected Christian ministries in the land.

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What are the mandatory requirements for volunteers?

Committed believers in Jesus Christ.

Passionate about Gramazin, the gospel, testimony sharing, and local outreach.

Dedicated to completing tasks to the glory and honor of Jesus.

How would I benefit from volunteering?

You would be serving the advancement of the Kingdom of God and touching souls with the gospel.

You would enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you contributed to a growing movement when it began.

You would enjoy the appreciation and support of the Gramazin leadership team that is eager to express thanksgiving for your work.

Specific Opportunities

Radio Show Coordinator

Volunteer Assigned

Assists Charles Wagner in the production of The Gramazin Testimony Report which airs on WEZE 590 AM and WROL 950 AM in Boston. This individual provides administrative support by gathering testimonies from churches around New England to air on the New England Testimony Challenge. This individual also coordinates the recording of special guests. This individual needs to be good communicator and demonstrate good organizational skills.

Britt Harden

Marketing Coordinator

Volunteer Assigned

Assists the Marketing Director in the promotion of Gramazin through various social media channels. This individual needs to have a strong understanding of what it takes for a non-profit to be successful in social media. Experience in marketing and/or public relations is a plus.

Jessica Rae

Prayers for Ministries Coordinator


This individual will manage our Prayers for Ministries ministry. Their task is to identify Christian ministries across the US, review their website, and write a prayer for their ministry. The right person for this task will engineer our Gramazin 1-Minute Prayers for Ministries videos. They will share the video with the officers of the ministry and then publish the prayer videos on our online channels. The right person for this job is a good communicator and researcher and is proficient in various popular software packages including Adobe Premiere Pro.


Gramazin 5 Minute Stories Coordinator


This individual will manage our Gramazin 5 Minute Stories ministry. Their task is to work with writers and voice actors to produce our 1930s-styled radio show focused on the fictitious community of West Hunter USA. The ideal candidate is a good communicator and they are organized. They will assign tasks to writers and voice actors and assemble the content into a professional production using both audio and video editing software.


Fundraising Coordinator


This individual will develop and execute both fundraising campaigns and sponsorships. The ideal candidate will be an experienced fundraiser and account manager.


Gramazin Network Director


Our goal is to have a network of teams of believers around New England and beyond. Each team will help the local Bible-believing churches in their area to publish testimonies on their websites. When a half-dozen or more churches have published such stories, the team will also coordinate a public relations campaign to announce those testimonies to the public. We are looking for a visionary with an entreprenurial instinct, and team building skills, to build this vision for Gramazin. The ideal candidate will have experience in church ministry.


Relationship Management Coordinator


This individual will be responsible to make sure that all who do business with Gramazin experience something truly excellent, the kind of quality experience they will want to recommend to others. The Gramazin Five Policy is our 5-part strategy that, when executed, will insure those that do business with Gramazin are blessed extraordinarily. This individual will oversee this program. The ideal candidate has noteworthy experience in relationship management.


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