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Message from Charles Wagner

Proverbs 22:6

April 2022

My family was far from perfect. Trust me. As I shared in the preface to my book Take Every Passage to Prayer, Volume 2: The Gospels, I was hospitalized for suicidal ideation in April 2004. I was a broken man with baggage that I had carried from about the time the photo above was taken. With that being said, my parents did raise me in a Christian home. I was introduced to the Gospel of Jesus Christ before I was in elementary school. Though I did not truly walk with the Lord until my early 50s, I thank God for my God-fearing parents who held firm to the promises of the Word of God even if they did not perfectly model them. I do not doubt that the love I have for the Gospel today is deeply rooted in my parents committment to train me early in the way I should go so that, even when I am old, I would not depart from it. It is my joy to honor them by my commitment to the pursuit of excellence that I have poured into this website.

Gramazin has been put together by a broken and flawed man with very limited resources who makes mistakes. I can't possibly live up to your expectations of perfection. My publications and web application may not deliver value to you. Perhaps when you go to use it the website is down. Maybe my team will be slow to get back to you when you need help.

Yet, you should know that I've poured my love for Jesus Christ into this website. I have invested literally thousands of hours of uncompensated time into creating the Gramazin vision, writing over 1,200 pages across three books, and designing and coding the 72Stories web application, including the lives of 3,800 ficticious characters, motivated simply because I want the best for the church.

  • I want to touch lives for Christ.
  • I want to give hope to the despairing.
  • I want to give peace to the anxious.
  • I want to give joy to the discouraged.
  • I want to give direction to the lost.
  • I want to be used by Jesus to plant or water seeds in the hearts of many on their journey to faith in Him.
  • I want my work to be a tool Jesus can use to foster spiritual revival in the church and in our nation.
  • If, by God's grace, I generate enough profits from my work, I want to help people afford Christian counseling.

Therefore, I have strived for excellence in everything I've created. I have been motivated by love for the end user, determined that they will be so blessed by my work that they want to tell others about it.

Why should you become a member of Gramazin?

You won't encounter another website with more love for you and for Jesus Christ poured into it than this one.


Charles Wagner
Founder of Gramazin
Author of Take Every Passage to Prayer
Designer of 72Stories