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Charles Wagner. A man grew up in the evangelical church. He didn't believe that God really loved him. He remained spiritually immature into his 40s. Jesus Christ orchestrated his rescue. Twelve years of hardship broke his pride. Four years of Biblical counseling opened his eyes that Jesus Christ loves him deeply. His spirit was renewed. He developed a passion for believer testimony sharing. His mission, which is called Gramazin, a play on 'Amazing Grace', is to encourage believers across the nation to share their testimonies of what Jesus Christ has done for them on their church website. Multiple churches in a region then unite and announce their stories of hope to their despairing neighbors.

Our Mission

The Gramazin team will be reaching out to churches throughout the nation in 2024 that profess on their website that the Bible is the inspired Word of God. Our goal is to make a connection with believers in those churches who have a passion for local outreach and testimony sharing. We will invite those brothers and sisters in Christ to work together in a "task force" to encourage the publishing of testimonies on church websites in their region. When dozens of such testimonies have been published, we'd like those teams to announce the availability of the stories to their neighbors who are searching for hope. Browse our videos below to capture our mission for a testimony sharing movement across America.

What do believers think about our mission?

Response Demographics: 98.4% believers in Jesus Christ, 87.3% regular attenders of Bible-believing churches, 74.6% female, 55.6% in Midwest, 28.6% in Northeast, 78.3% have shared their testimonies.


"All believers have been called to share their testimony".


"Believers should be encouraged, inspired, and taught to prepare and share their testimony."


"Would like to learn more about Gramazin services to help believers share their testimonies with others."


"I agree that churches should publish testimonies on their websites. I think the reason they don't is people haven't really thought much about it. I think once the idea spreads many believers will share their testimonies on the websites of their churches."


"I agree wholeheartedly with the Gramazin mission - 'Gramazin imagines a day when someone who doesn't know Jesus is struggling with life. They know to visit the websites of Bible-believing churches in their community because it has become well known that such churches publish stories of hope.'"

Our Charter Task Force

We are so grateful for the "Grace Builders" team based out of Ipswich, MA. They are the first of what we hope to be many such teams throughout the nation. Thanks to their hard work in 2023, over a dozen believers in Jesus Christ have offered to share their testimony on their church website. Their goal in 2024 will be to spread this vision to other churches on the Boston North Shore and culminate their efforts with a public relations announcement to the community.

Our Team

"I am so thankful for Holly and Nate. Their enthusiasm for the Gramazin mission is such a blessing to me. I have great confidence that the advancement of Gramazin is in their competent and professional hands. We welcome any believer in Jesus Christ to join our team who is passionate about what we are doing. There's much work to be done and a generous supply of appreciation to be extended to all who the Lord calls to work with us." Charles Wagner

Holly Young, Marketing Manager

"I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about It is such a great resource, for both individuals and churches. Whether you are seeking the Lord, or deeply know the Lord this website can help you. You can learn about testimony writing and sharing, request prayer, and more!"

"We are here to love you, support you and Equip the Church to do the work of Christ! Can I get an Amen?"

Nate Gorman, Intern

"From my first week working here, I have felt the deep love and compassion that the team here has for the Gramazin mission. What I love most about working here is the ability to help not just the people I work with achieve their goals, but the many who may find Gramazin as a place where they can find inspiration and hope. I am so thankful for Charles and Holly's leadership and am looking forward to continuing to spread the good news about all that we do here."

Our Latest Podcasts

Visit every weekday evening to view our latest podcasts. We publish a video on our Gramazin Guide channel every weekday at 4 pm. Our goal for the near future is to publish to Gramazin 5 Minute Stories every Sunday evening.

"Absolutely" Prayer Series

Published: Thursday February 22, 2024 (4 pm)

"Testimony Sharing" Series

Published: Friday February 23, 2024 (4 pm)

Gramazin 5 Minute Stories

Published: Thursday February 22, 2024

Our Publications

Charles Wagner has authored five books as of late December 2023. The collection includes two books on prayer, two lengthy commentaries of the New Testament, and a Christian fiction book.

What do these books have to do with the Gramazin mission? Charles believes that a believer must first surrender their life to Jesus Christ before their testimony and ministries will truly touch lives for the Kingdom of God. His books are purposed to encourage believers to be transformed by the gospel, the Word of God, and an active prayer life.

Note to Book Buyers: The royalties for Gramazin are significantly higher if you purchase our books on Xulon. However, we would also benefit from you purchasing our books on Amazon or Barnes and Noble and then giving the book a favorable recommendation, if you are inclined to do so.

Seeking a Deeper Faith

The Two Souls of Heidi Lonsberry

In a smoke-filled room in a seedy motel, Heidi Lonsberry cried out to God to rescue her. The 31-year-old single mother on welfare, estranged from her mother, has had a hard life. With tears streaming down her cheeks, she thought about overdosing on the cocaine that was available down the hall. However, she makes one final appeal for a miracle. God hears her prayer and sends her friend Troy Ashford, a despairing and broken 44-year-old divorced man, to her motel to comfort her. Their lives are radically transformed in that room by the divine creativity and power of God. An angel named Witness shares the story with us as we encounter lessons about the stubborn rebellious heart of people, God’s discipline and compassion, divine planning, testimony sharing, prayer, identity, Biblical counseling, spiritual transformation, discipleship, mentoring, Christian community, and what it means to be a godly man or woman.

Coming March 20, 2024

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Seeking a Deeper Faith

I Want to Know the Word of God

Take Every Passage to Prayer - Volume 2, The Gospels

Take Every Passage to Prayer, Volume 2 - The Gospels is a combined devotional, commentary, and prayer guide for the study of the gospels written for friends and family of the author who are intimidated by study of the Bible. This easy-to-read work enables the reader to follow the life of Jesus in chronological order of events. Each passage is written as a letter to God and begins with a prayer of application. The ample use of emphasized text, bulleted lists, and tables makes this book a valuable resource for those who are short on time but looking for valuable Biblical insights into how to live the Christian life. With extensive historical information and over 1,000 footnotes and hundreds of references to passages throughout the Old and New Testaments, the more scholarly reader will find the book an informative read.

Reviews of Take Every Passage to Prayer, Volume 2

"Wow, Charles, this is incredible. I have read the beginning 36 pages and also jumped around after that to see how you handled the chronological order of the Gospels. I can’t believe you started this in 2020 and completed it in 2022. Amazing. There is so much here. I would have to have this book beside me as a resource. I don’t think I could read the entire book straight through. Your life story; the thought process behind the Volumes; the footnotes, keywords, the way you can jump from the table of contents right to the scripture-awesome; theories about content sources of the Gospels; Was Jesus Real? historical evidence and growth of Christianity; Geopolicts-great history lesson; Geography-makes me want to see it in person; I never heard of Levant-daily life is so interesting; and then each prayer before each Chapter of the scriptures-amazing prayers; and your creative way of making dialog and questions come to light and your explanations-actually fun to read and so creative." Female

"Take Every Passage to Prayer - Volume 2, The Gospels is both uplifting and very encouraging but also very sound theologically as well as insightful. I often find myself saying 'I did not know that about this part of Matthew's gospel' or 'I never thought about this passage in that way.' I look forward to picking up this book several times a week and being fed God's word!" Male

"A beautifully prayer-led look at the Gospel stories and the conversations that may have taken place in between those stories. A commentary that brings you into the lives of those who walked with Jesus. I’m using this for my devotional time and really enjoying it." Female.

"Do you struggle with understanding the Bible, trying to put it all together, knowing how to pray or what to pray for or about? I do. This book has been an immense help to me. The author pulls things from the scriptures that I need to think more about. Things I easily miss, he makes so much easier to comprehend God's love and intentions for us. I highly recommend this creative and helpful commentary on the gospels in prayer form." Female.

"Take Every Passage to Prayer V2 has given me even more in-depth spiritual insights and historical knowledge about the Scriptures. During this Christmas season, I used it as a daily devotional to learn more and focus on the promise fulfilled in Christ birth and meaning of salvation for all. This book will draw you to deeper prayer and closer to Christ." Female.

"I had the pleasure of reading the book Take Every Passage to Prayer by Charles Wagner. Not only did the words on the pages profoundly impact and bless my life but they did so for my Mother too. We read this empowering, excellently articulated and biblical piece of literature together and embraced the content fully. It is evident that Charles took great care to ensure biblical accuracy while simultaneously providing practical applications for spiritual growth. This book ignited my commitment to prayer and my passion to share my faith with others. Not only did my Mother and I grow closer together through this literary journey, we also drew nearer to God. Thankful to have experienced such an extraordinary and eloquent piece of Godly communication that I will carry in heart, mind and life." Female.

"It is a remarkable book, densely packed with insight into the Gospels. Mr. Wagner has given us a look at Gospels based on his considerable experience. He pulls no punches. Mr Wagner examines the Gospels in great detail while challenging us to do likewise. The book is filled with insightful discussion. There is hardly a page which does not challenge the reader to examine their own understanding of the Gospel." Male.

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Seeking a Deeper Faith

I Want a Deeper Prayer Life

Take Every Thought to Prayer puts God at the center of literally everything. With hundreds of prayers about the thoughts and feelings common to the human experience, it will be hard-pressed for the reader not to find in this book prayers that resonate with whatever challenges they are currently facing. This book will be on the shelf of pastors, counselors, and ministry leaders who share it with clients who are seeking the true reasons as to why they are struggling in life. Charles Wagner has weaved the same Biblical theme into just about every prayer, that human beings suffer because they live in rebellion from God. Though the book has a very clear message about confession and repentance, the prayers are compassionate and understanding, speaking lovingly into hundreds of situations in which people suffer. The prayers reflect heartfelt cries to God from those living in the 21st century and convey the wisdom God has taught Charles through his own season of intense adversity.

Reviews of Take Every Thought to Prayer, Volumes 1 and 2

"I really appreciate the short, hard hitting, focused prayers that are available in this book. The author has a gift of expressing himself in a compelling way around a variety of issues we face in everyday life. Now that I am familiar with how he has organized these subjects I can quickly zero in what is on my heart any given day. I have found it very comforting to read a few prayers right before I fall asleep at night." Male

"I’ve known Charles for a number of years. He had always had an intuitive ability to understand when someone needs comfort or support. He can say a beautiful prayer at a moment’s notice and provide a great deal of peace. Now, it’s as easy as opening this book to read a wonderful prayer." Female

"Wagner hits on all cylinders! Our relationship with Christ is about having intimate ongoing conversations with God. Prayer is listening and sharing our heart with God...and He loves to engage with His children in this way. Charles Wagner is right when he says that we are to 'Take Every Thought to Prayer' as it puts God at the center of literally everything. Thanks for writing a powerful book that takes me into a deeper and more intimate relationship with the Living God." Male

"It reads so easily. It is a topically written book on prayer so you can pick it up and read a chapter or topic which if most helpful. It's a keeper. Thanks very much for this book." Female

"This book will help you gain comfort in speaking to the Lord. It draws you into a deeper relationship with him knowing he is with you and supporting you through all circumstances!" Female

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Seeking a Deeper Faith

I Want to Know the Word of God

Take Every Passage to Prayer - Volume 3, Acts through Revelation

Take Every Passage to Prayer, Volume 3 – Acts Through Revelation is a devotional, commentary, and prayer guide for the study of the beginning of the church after the ascension of Jesus Christ. The book is the companion to Take Every Passage to Prayer, Volume 2 – The Gospels, which was published in April 2023. This book was written to help those who are intimidated by Bible study. Each passage in this easy-to-read work is written as a letter to God and begins with a prayer of application. The ample use of emphasized text, bulleted lists, and tables makes this book a valuable resource for those who are short on time but looking for Biblical insights into how to live the Christian life. With over 900 footnotes and hundreds of references to passages throughout the Old and New Testament, the more scholarly reader will find the book an informative read.

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Reviews of Take Every Passage to Prayer, Volume 3

"First off, let me say that with every book Charles Wagner has written he humbles himself and shares his struggles openly and honestly. Making the reader feel comfortable knowing that he too is human with a past, and quite frankly a present. We are all broken in some way or another. It is then after reading about his life that the reader can then open their hearts to hear what he has to say, to hear what and who gave him strength and who rescued him so easily. Take Every Passage to Prayer Vol. 3 is an amazing way to understand the Bible better and to improve your prayer life. I love how, in detail, Charles shares scripture and also a sample prayer to help guide us. Thank you Charles for this wonderful study book!" Female

"As a man who was raised Catholic and spent twelve years in Catholic schools, this book not only refreshes my memory of all that I learned during those years but adds new perspectives and thoughts that make it a great read for a person of any level of faith. What I like most are the simple, easy to read bold words that keep you focused on the message and points of emphasis for each verse. Each page is concise, yet thorough, and I would highly recommend it to anybody who is interested in learning more about your faith." Male

About the Artist

Holly Young is an artist residing in Cincinnati, Ohio. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.   She has had a career in the corporate world, founded a nonprofit called New Life Furniture serving those in need, all while being an artist and woodworker.  Her choice medium is acrylic but does work in all mediums! She has also painted large murals across the country.  Her company, New Creation Artwork, is based on 2 Corinthians 5:17.  Her work can be found and purchased in local coffee shops and thru social media!

She is married to her high school sweetheart and has two grown children and currently, two grandchildren! She gives God the glory for every aspect of her life!

Contact Holly via
Facebook: New Creation Artwork
Instagram: @Newcreationartwork

Opportunities With the Author


Meet the Author

Contact Holly Young to sign up for Zoom calls to meet Charles Wagner and discuss Gramazin.


Speaking Engagements

Contact Holly Young if you are interested in Charles Wagner speaking at your group event.


Book Signings

Contact Holly Young to schedule a book signing at your location.

Can someone please help me share the gospel with a friend or family member?

Absolutely. We have prepared a page for anyone who wants to learn more about the Word of God and about Jesus Christ. Click on the button below and share that link with the person whom the Holy Spirit has put on your heart.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ

I'm Hurting

Will Someone Pray for Me?

Charles Wagner experienced a long season of twelve years in the "wilderness". He dealt with an unwanted divorce, depression, hospitalization for suicidal ideation, a serious financial crisis, loneliness, a broken heart, and a serious back injury. He cried out to God in prayer like he had never done before. God delivered him, rescued him, healed him, and renewed him. In grateful appreciation for what god has done for him, Charles now enjoys a prayer ministry. He prays for people in-person, on the phone, via texting, via email, and by audio recording. He would count it a blessing to minister to you or a loved one through prayer. Please click on the link below to send a prayer request to Charles.

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Our Online Channels

Charles and his team are developing content for three online channels. Our objective is to give believers in Jesus Christ more valuable content that will increase their awareness of our mission.


Gramazin Guide

Prayer Series

Charles Wagner is passionate about praying for others. He has texted, emailed, and recorded prayers for others. He has prayed with people in person, on the phone, and in restaurants. The founder of, Charles now shares tips for how to pray and, especially, how to pray for others.


Gramazin Guide

Testimony Sharing Series

Charles Wagner, the founder of, shares a series of short videos on testimony sharing. The episodes will include content on how to discover your testimony, prepare it, and share it with others. Charles expects to add 5 videos to this playlist every two weeks.


Gramazin 5 Minute Stories

Coming January 2024

We have created the fictitious seaside town of West Hunter USA. There are over 3,000 characters in 260+ locations. We meet one character a team and learn one tip for how to minister to others in the name of Jesus Christ.


Member-Only Content


Members will enjoy exclusive publishings of Charles Wagner, including excerpts from his next books, short lessons from his books, and lessons of wisdom from history and science.

Our Software

Charles Wagner has been programming websites and web applications for over 15 years. Mission to the World, a ministry of the Presbyterian Churches of America, is currently using software developed by Charles in 2022-2023. Charles is eager to wrap up his two programming projects for Gramazin and advance the Kingdom of God.


Testimony Builder

Coming First Quarter 2024

Users will be able to think through, prepare, and print their testimony. They will be able to share their testimony with other subscribers from their church or with all users on Gramazin. They can seek help from their fellow congregants through the built-in chat feature.



Availability TBD

We have created the fictitious seaside community of West Hunter USA. There are 3,000+ people in over 260 locations who need to be touched by the love of Christ. Churches buy licenses and their teams meet characters, get to know them, and minister to them. The ministry simulator provides believers with an opportunity to practice ministry from the relative safety of their kitchen table. The software has been designed to immitate the difficulties of real-life ministry.

The spiritual revival we are talking about is not achieved through politics. There are many other people fighting for truth and justice in the political arena. May God lead them to do what He believes is right for our country. However, the spiritual revival we are pursuing is the building of the Kingdom of God in the hearts and minds of Americans in every state in this nation. A nation of dedicated believers in Jesus Christ will demand righteousness from their political leaders, transforming our nation in ways that is impossible by worldly and secular efforts.

Spiritual revival advances across our land when believers in Jesus Christ surrender their lives to Him and obey the Great Commission. Such men and women prayerfully share their story ("testimony") of hope about how Jesus Christ rescued them with their neighbors who are in despair. They couple their testimony with good works they do for their neighbors in need.

We imagine a day when residents of communities across America, sobbing on their front steps about a crisis in their lives, know that they can go into their home, get on their computer, and visit the websites of nearby churches because they know those websites will contain inspiring stories of hope. Just like people expect to see steeples on church buildings, we want them to expect to find testimonies promimently displayed on church websites as well.

Churches will become more to non-believers than buildings where perfect strangers, without any concern in the world, enter into every Sunday. Churches will become to them the home of people who have overcome divorce, addiction, grief, loneliness, health and financial crises, and imprisonment because of their faith in Christ. Thanks to the published testimonies, the non-believers with messy and broken lives will think they might very well fit in, daring to come to a church event or worship service.

The Gramazin Testimony Task Force is a team of believers from churches in a region who voluntarily work together to encourage a coalition of churches to publish testimonies of hope on their websites. The team assists the churches during the process. The team also coaches and encourages believers from the churches who are preparing their testimonies. When a suitable number of testimonies have been published by participating churches, the task force orchestrates a public service announcement to the general public that stories of hope are now available on our partnering church websites.

Gramazin is looking to form task forces in every state, creating a movement that leads to testimonies sprouting like Spring flowers on church websites across this land.

Our Vision for the Gramazin Testimony Taskforce

Our Passion for the Gramazin Testimony Taskforce

Charles Wagner, the founder of Gramazin, shares his vision for the Testimony Task Force in a church on the North Shore of Boston on January 22, 2023. The church has granted Charles permission to use this clip from the service.

We've Built a Software Solution for Gramazin Testimony Task Forces

Each Gramazin Testimony Task Force has a private space to manage who will do what to encourage churches in their region to share testimonies on their website.

Each Gramzin Testimony Task Force member has a profile where they can share their passion for testimony sharing with their teammates and with believers who are preparing their testimonies on Gramazin.

Each Gramazin Testimony Task Force team has their own space to manage their meetings, the churches they are partnering with, and encourage the believers who they are working with to build their testimonies.

Gramazin Testimony Task Force members can chat and reply about their meetings and the churches they are partnering with.

Believers who want to share their testimony but don't know how can login to Gramazin and use our Testimony Builder. Each Task Force Member can act as a "helper" so that the believers preparing their testimonies have a team helping them.

Join A Task Force or Create Your Own

Do you find this vision intriguing? Contact Gramazin today to discuss joining a task force or starting a task force in your region.