Building the Kingdom of God

About Gramazin

Mission: Our mission is to provide evidence to America that Jesus Christ really does change lives in the 21st century.

Vision: Every church that believes the Bible is the inspired Word of God has a vibrant local outreach ministry, contributing to the spiritual revival of this nation.

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Step One

Humble Yourself Before Him


Take Every Passage to Prayer, Volume 2 - The Gospels

Who is this Jesus who changes people’s lives in the 21st century? There are many among us who aren’t really sure. Take Every Passage to Prayer, Volume 2 - The Gospels, was written by Charles Wagner out of love for the Word of God and for his friends and family who consider the story of Jesus a confusing mystery. The book was written to serve the seeker, the maturing believer, and the scholar.

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Take Every Thought to Prayer

A believer in Jesus Christ needs to grow in their faith, continuously surrendering their every thought to God. The two volume Take Every Thought to Prayer series puts God at the center of literally everything. With hundreds of prayers about the thoughts and feelings common to the human experience in the 21st century, it will be hard-pressed for the reader not to find in this book prayers that resonate with whatever challenges they are currently facing.

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Step Two

Tell Everyone What He Did For You

Education, Counseling, and Consulting

Testimony Services

A person came to faith in Jesus Christ. They grew in their faith, learning to surrender their life to Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit transformed them, making them more like Jesus. They now have a story that MUST be told to the broken and hurting who cross paths with them. We are determined to encourage people to think through, write, and share their testimonies with their friends and neighbors and on church websites.

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Step Three

Love Your Neighbors in His Name

Web Application


A believer has been transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They have shared their testimony with their congregation and with their friends and loved ones. What about their neighbors? How can they share the love of Jesus Christ within their community? Local outreach is outside of most believer's comfort zones. We have created 72Stories to change that. Believers gain confidence loving their neighbors by working through ministry challenges in our local ministry simulator.

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Step Four

Draw the Local Community to Christ-centered Churches

Local Teams of Believers

Gramazin Testimony Taskforce

For several decades, church websites have offered value primarily to believers looking for a new church home. We have a new vision. Local church websites will become destinations of hope for our neighbors in crisis. They will expect to find testimonies of healing, recovery, deliverance, and renewal on the front pages of the websites of churches all over town. Just as our neighbors know to go to the local coffee shop for tasty coffee, they will know to visit local church websites when their lives are broken and they hunger for hope.

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Believers in Jesus Christ

Let's Not Just Talk About the Great Commission - Let's Do It


Gramazin Community

The business school consultant would advise me to use social media, personal appearances, and advertising to rapidly accumulate followers of Gramazin. In essence, they would advise me that I need tens of thousands of strangers to engage with my books and web applications. No way! I'd rather have 200 people engaging with me, through texting and emailing, as they read my books and use my web applications, than to have 10,000 readers and users whom I'll never know.

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Brothers and sisters in Christ, we invite you to join us. We don't want to just sell stuff to pay our bills and to work full-time on Gramazin. We want to do our small part to contribute to the movement of the Holy Spirit in this land. We ask the Lord for nothing less than that Gramazin is a tool He uses to rouse many believers from their slumber. We ask that Gramazin will be used by Jesus Christ to encourage believers to go into their communities with the message of the gospel this broken land so desperately needs.

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Who Is Behind Gramazin?

Is Their Faith Authentic?

Charles Wagner

Founder's Story & Testimony (gra May zin, a play on "amazing grace") is the web headquarters for the ministries God has put on the heart of Charles Wagner of Gloucester, Massachusetts. The native of Delaware County, PA, and a long-time resident of Chester County, PA, is grateful for the spiritual awakening gifted to him by Jesus Christ. Though he grew up in the evangelical community, attending a Christian school and college, it took fourteen years in the wilderness, experiencing various hardships, for Charles to wake up to the depths of God's love for him.

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