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Take Every Passage to Prayer - Volume 2, The Gospels
19 Jul

Great Need on the Mission Field

Take Every Passage to Prayer - Volume 2, The Gospels
Friday July 19, 2024

Matthew 9:35-38

Father, use me to build the Kingdom of God. I step forward. I raise my hand. Connect me with opportunities for the gospel in my local community and help me to be faithful, showing the love of Christ to my neighbors who are seeking hope in a world of despair. Amen.

Father, the text tells us that Jesus continued to minister throughout the region of Galilee. We read that His ministry consisted of the following activities:


Jesus met people. He shared the gospel with them. He healed them. He discipled them. For us that means we meet people, share our testimony, show acts of love, and mentor.

Why would Jesus do this?


The text tells us that Jesus knew that there were crowds of people all over the region that consisted of people who were lost, destined to spend eternity away from Him. He kne......READ MORE.

Take Every Passage to Prayer - Volume 2, The Gospels
18 Jul

Jesus is Rejected in Nazareth Again

Take Every Passage to Prayer - Volume 2, The Gospels
Thursday July 18, 2024

Matthew 13:53-58, Mark 6:1-6

Father, help me to love those who deny the good works You have done in my life. Help me to share the gospel with them over and over, regardless of their persecution of me. Please forgive me for being envious of those who appear to be walking closer with You than I am. Please forgive me for my attempts to find faults in those who desire to walk closely with You. Please help me to celebrate the transforming work of the Holy Spirit in those who are closest to me, even if their walk with You appears to be stronger than mine. Amen.

Father, I am reminded of the title of the Beach Boys song, “Wouldn’t it be Nice” from their Pet Sounds album. Wouldn’t it be nice if the Biblical canon were in chronological order? Wouldn’t it be nice if my brothers who participated in the Councils of Hippo (AD 393) and Carthage (AD 397) had decided to organize the gospels in accordance with the step-by-step moveme......READ MORE.

Take Every Passage to Prayer - Volume 2, The Gospels
17 Jul

Jesus Heals Two Blind Men and a Mute

Take Every Passage to Prayer - Volume 2, The Gospels
Wednesday July 17, 2024

Matthew 9:27-34

Father, like the two blind men, help me to believe that You, the unseen God, hear my prayers and that You will heal me of whatever burdens my heart. Father, please take away spiritual blindness within me. I want the clarity of Your righteous light to guide my steps.  I thank You for the resources You have given me - possessions, skills, talents, etc.,. Please use them to advance the Kingdom of God. Use them in ways no one else may ever know about. Father, I want to have genuine belief in Your goodness. I don't want to "hope" or "think so" or "I guess" about who You are. I want to "know" who You are and have confidence in that knowledge. Father, wherever there is an evil foothold in my life, please get rid of it. Whatever joy for the gospel Satan has taken away, please bring it back. Please open my lips that I will share the gospel of Jesus Christ with confidence, courage, and enthusiasm. Father, help me......READ MORE.

Take Every Passage to Prayer - Volume 2, The Gospels
16 Jul

Jesus Raises a Girl Back to Life, Heals Woman of Bleeding

Take Every Passage to Prayer - Volume 2, The Gospels
Tuesday July 16, 2024

Matthew 9:18-26; Mark 5:21-43, Luke 8:40-56

Father, please help me to walk humbly before You so that my prayers for healing and deliverance may be answered. Please help me to minister to those who cross my path. I want to have the attitude that whomever I am with is the most important person in ministry for me. Father, please lead me to ask for the healing that I need. Prompt me to bring each and every concern before You. Father, please help me to be a man of hope - for myself and for those who are desperate for healing. I don't want to be the naysayer, the doubter, the pessimist, or the sceptic. Please forgive me for each and every time that I have mocked hope in miracles. The absence of such miracles may be caused by my lack of belief in them. Amen.

Father, the text tells us that Jesus, and the disciples, sailed across the Sea of Galilee to return to where they had been before. A large crowd was expecting His return.READ MORE.

Take Every Passage to Prayer - Volume 2, The Gospels
15 Jul

Jesus Sends Demons into Herd of Pigs

Take Every Passage to Prayer - Volume 2, The Gospels
Monday July 15, 2024

Matthew 8:28-34, Mark 5:1-20, Luke 8:26-39

Father, I don’t think believers fully understand the heart of rebellion. It is strong. It is determined. It is persistent. It is focused. Though You may do a good work in the life of someone who is rebelling from You, they will refuse to yield. They will refuse to surrender their hearts to You. They will refuse to be grateful. Just like the people of the Gadarenes, they will tell You to go away. Father, if I have told You to go away, I change my mind. Come back, Lord Jesus! Come and dwell with me! Teach me! Mold me! Use me! Do good works in my life. Exorcise the sinful nature out of my life. Purify me so that I may be empowered to share my testimony of transformation with the lost in my community. Amen.

Father, while the disciples were marveling at how Jesus had just calmed the storm they had encountered crossing the Sea of Galilee, two demon-possessed men approached Jesus as they disembarked fr......READ MORE.

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